Postmodern Quantum Surrealism

Through Postmodern Quantum Surrealism I try to express my constant research for a Greater and Profound Reality which runs parallel to the tied-to-time-and-space illusory reality.

It is only through the deepest Intuition that we can access the Core of all things and the smallest Quantum of Energy, where the Universe’s Noumenal information is contained.

Therefore unlike the early 1900s Surrealism, where artists needed and wanted to represent their unconscious minds’ dreams, and their – mostly subjective – vision of the world, Quantum Surrealism evolves into an artistic representation of Objective and universally valid content.

As Salvador Dalí announced prophetically, “the painting style of the future will take into account what physicists call Quantum of energy, and it will be a truthful representation of Reality which will have to be animated by a discontinuity of the matter. The great Artist will have to be able to assimilate the Nothingness into his work and tomorrow’s Art will give the breath of life to this Nothingness.”

The great Genius predicted Art’s destiny in its future revival. The new Quantum Artists will have to understand and carry on this new philosophy, moving away from false conceptions of art as an end in itself, whose sole purpose is to decorate or exhibit technical skill without communicating anything at all.