Dog = faithfulness

Hourglass = dimension connected with space-time

Sea shell = all that is related to evolution

Cubes and parallelepipeds = universe of square worlds, trans-universal wisdom

Butterfly = freedom from mental restrictions, rising towards more Subtle levels

Pomegranate = fertility

Pearls = energy quantum

Rose = directional or Universal Love

Stairs = evolutionary planes of human beings

Sphinx = connection with the laws of Dharma, ancient wisdom

Tridacna = symbol of Spirituality

Egg = cosmic Universe. Associated to the rose represents Universal Love

Symbolism of numbers

0 = Memories taken from the Voidness (Absolute)

1 = The seeker (The Creation) From the Voidness the threshold that overlooks the Voidness. The Point, with no space-time, at the moment of creation begins to walk its path.

2 = The origins of the being (Duality) Creator-created. Darkness-light. Duality, the Cosmic Creator, Nature. From Emptiness to multiple energies, the origins.

3 = The Spiritual Seeker (Consciousness of the Eternal) Energy, Intelligence, Love. The Divine Trinity becomes human trinity, One is Triune. This is the resemblance to the human being: mind, sensations, physical body. With the sack empty to better “cross over into oneself”.

4 = The Sage (Apparent knowledge) The foundation number of the Universe. The four spheres of the mind, the recurring number four to be searched, Wisdom, the Sage.

5 = The path begins (The Intuited Path) All the elements are there to begin seeking: 5 senses, 5 elements, 5 fingers, 5 sheaths.

6 = The Gate, the Gates (The Soul) The individual soul, the first target of the human being.

7 = Illusion (Necessary Paths) The illusion. The path, the necessity to be totally immersed in the freedom of Creation.

8 = Forms (Freedom-prison) The forms necessary in order to express all the movements of the being’s energy cages, in the immense universe-cage as form.

9 = The Sack (The Universe-Soul) The Universe, the Universal Soul, sum of all the Souls.
The shell of forms and illusions, the last perceivable goal.

Symbolism of Quantum Psychology

4 spheres, zones or areas of the mental body

1st sphere = area of sexuality or repetitiveness
2nd sphere = area of the ego
3rd sphere = area of affectivity
4rd sphere = area of understanding

5 sheaths of the human being

Starting from the coarser sheaths:
1 = physical body
2 = astral body or body of sensations
3 = mental body
4 = Intellect or subtle thread that can lead to insights and that can connect with the laws of the Universe
5 = Soul
The first three sheaths are mortal ones; the other two can be considered Eternal.