On the concept of Beauty

There are two kinds of beauty: one is of a phenomenal nature, the other Noumenal.
In Painting, Beauty finds expression in the search for Balance and Harmony through the application of rules of symmetry and proportion. (Classic Beauty).

Often the concept of beauty is understood as something subjective related to the personal tastes of the observer. It is in reality beyond a subjective personal judgment. We are talking about the kind of beauty that we can define as Universal and timeless, not subject to the fads and trends of a historical period. This concept of Universality is inseparable from the qualities of Love, Grace, Perfection and Harmony which are expressed in the female through Softness and Containment, in the male through Spirituality and Dignity.

In modern Art the concept of Beauty has been turned upside down. As a result the ideals of Love and Harmony have been lost. Art has thus become an expression of identity of mind, with a tendency to assert ones own sphere of I-ness, and therefore to express a series of deviated unobjective realities that have no connection with the Spiritual and Quantum world.

Phenomenal beauty is thus emptied of or lacking in all those spiritual components of a Higher nature wherein Noumenal Beauty Exists.

Therefore, Modern Art, devoid of Noumenal Beauty, is based on a concept of apparent beauty which empties form of any subtle content and seeks to represent nothing other than psychological therapy for its own sake. Real Beauty cannot exist stripped of the concept of Love, the only true purpose of Art.

The Art of the future, Quantum art, will be pervaded by this Noumenal Beauty.