Real Hyper Quantism

After the advent of Hyperrealism a new pictorial trend emerged which would change the values of hyperrealism but rigorously maintain the study and analysis of Reality. We are talking of “Real Hyper Quantism“: a kind of quantum leap for Hyperrealism which led to the need to go beyond the static quality of pictorial images and the condition of non-communicability that challenge photography.

Hyperrealists seek to describe reality in a distant and non-participative manner but this was already possible with the camera lens. Therefore, among the new hyper-quantic artists a kind of innovative urge arose; the urge for an innovation that allows one to take part in Reality by interacting with matter itself in order to penetrate it and tell it in all its vibrations right up to the quantum level of reality.
To do this we need to void ourselves of any illusory ego, getting closer and closer to what is Real in order to better investigate and then tell others. In this way, the artist’s search for interaction with Reality will guide the artist himself into a sort of Meditation-Contemplation – a necessary condition to be able to give to others (“We/Us”)* a true work of art. In fact, before starting on their paintings, some of the greatest artists, including Salvador Dali, would practice meditation techniques that allowed them to move out of the stream of illusory thoughts and access that deeper state which is experienced between sleep and wakefulness.

Real Hyper Quantism is: a journey into and within ourselves, using our observable Reality as a springboard and completely changing the sense of Realism, which until now has been used by hyperrealists as a purely aesthetic and material representation.



* Evolutionary Condition of all beings, where the ego’s separation from the “you” ends and becomes Union and identification with the We and Us.