Why Post-modern

The expression “post-modern” is made up of a prefix, “post” – meaning “after,” – and the adjective “modern”. The most immediate and apparent meaning is something that comes after modernity.
According to my understanding it is an attempt, through Art, to transcend time in order to express something that belongs to all time and has Universal significance.

A willingness to connect and permeate what has been expressed in the past with the attitudes of the present in a projection that travels with and precedes future times using a highly personal language that does not follow any particular fashion or trend of painting established by the vanguard.

At Zero time all the Information related to the Universe travels in a single wave where past-present-future cannot exist as separate but rather as superimposed concepts.

Post-modern-Quantic artists, accessing the Zero time dimension through their Souls, capture the Universal information which they then put into their artworks through representations that very often are not decipherable nor translatable to those identified with the Space-Time-Matter dimension.

“Observers”, emptying themselves of all mental conceptions and interpretations, can intuitively catch a subtle perception of the true message that the artwork would tell, entering in an interaction with the artist. (See also Stendhal syndrome).