Barbara Peonia is a contemporary artist born in 1969 in Rome, where she lives and works.

She dedicated her life to painting; her commitment is shown by a constant research for stylistic and artistic expression, which becomes a unique way to represent her painted works.
Her work, rooted in classicism’s rules, is realized with her peculiar style – which she calls “Quantum Post-Modern Surrealism” – and talks about the profoundness of a being constantly in search for the real Eternal Nature, which is beyond any words.

Her work ranges over a variety of subjects, from oriental philosophy to psychology and science, with symbolic images and metaphysical elements rich style, implementing modern techniques in an elegant and refined manner.

Her artistic education is mainly based on the work of great Masters from the past who she loves, such as Artemisia Gentileschi, Angelika Kauffmann, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalì. She reproduced many paintings throughout the years refining her technique and stimulating her creativity.

Barbara Peonia has been collaborating with the art movement “Realismo Quantico” (Quantum Realism) in Rome since 1998, and has exhibited
over 800 artworks.

In 2009 she became vice president of the art committee of the cultural association, VersOltre, and a teacher in the art school.

She has been the president of the association Arte Quantica (Quantum Art) since 2015.

Today with her art, Barbara participates in and supports the project Bits of Future: Food for All. The project aims to support the countries most in need through the use of an innovative technology (the HYST).


  • June 2018 – she participated in the exhibition “Square worlds’ space” at the Arte Quantica’s gallery
  • December 2017 – she inaugurates her solo show “the Angels” at the gallery of “Mistica” in Rome. During the event she donates 13 of her artworks to the Associazione Volontari Capitano Ultimo (Captain Ultimo Volunteers Association);
  • March 2017 – she participated in the exhibition “Quantum Foam” at the gallery of VersOltre in collaboration with the Association Arte Quantica;
  • August 2016 – she participated with the Association Arte Quantica in the exhibition “Falcolandia”, in collaboration with the Association Volontari Capitano Ultimo (Mistica, Roma);
  • July 2015 – she participated in the exhibition “Bridge Connecting Continents” in the premises of La Triennale di Milano (Salon of Honor);
  • August 2014 – she exhibited her work in the premises of Cinecittà World;
  • July 2013 – she exhibited her work at the Gallery Aedes (Terminillo), in the exhibition “Art Reflections: Colors, Shapes, Emotions”;
  • February 2012 – she exhibited her work at the Gallery Monti & Co. in Rome;
  • December 2011 – she participated in the exhibition “Art on Stage” at the premises of the Elsa Morante Cultural Center;
  • September 2011 – she participated in the exhibition “Forever Young Energy”, at the Auditorium del Massimo in Rome;
  • 2011 – she participated in the exhibition “Interaction” at the gallery of VersOltre;
  • 2011 – she participated in the exhibition “Square Worlds” at the gallery of Versoltre, in collaboration with the Association Arte Quantica;
  • 2006 – she participated in the exhibition “Passiflora” within the premises of the Botanic Garden of Rome.

Barbara Peonia’s Universe

It is not common to meet artists capable of transcending matter to the point of making it aware and participating in their very Essence. Time freezes in surreal worlds full of meaning, which are layered in symbols that echo quantum symmetries and cause poetic effects, not lacking in profound emotions.
The Absolute and the being live on the border of an Eternal embrace, which the artist reproduces in unexpected frames and angles, proving they posses an Adamantine vision rich in primordial purity.
The unusual light’s behavior creates perceiving difficulties to the mind of the observers, who find themselves projected into the artist’s Universe, completely losing their sense of direction.
Worthy heir of Surrealism, of which she understood the deepest lessons, she dives into the pathways of Quantum Universes, which are yet to be fully explored.

Giandomenico Cammarata